customizable services

we aren't a one-size-fits-all firm. our approach is carefully crafted to maximize value for you, your business and your brand.

what we do

S2s mission is to create, maintain and grow powerful, authentic brands. We offer a full range of holistic strategy, design and production services at each point of a brand’s lifecycle. The result? Powerful, authentic brands that not only achieve category leadership, but stay there for the long-term.

brand strategy

At the heart of a great brand, is a great strategy. It’s the foundation on which brands are built. S2s brand strategy provides a relevant differentiated positioning, engaging personality, and an inspiring vision for a brand’s future.

brand identity

A brand identity brings the brand strategy to life, visually and verbally, to create deep emotional bonds. S2s brand identities create holistic, proprietary experiences that embody the essence of a brand. 

package design

One of the most iconic expressions of a brand’s identity is its retail package. S2designs are a careful balance of unique equity expression, addressing complex shopping needs that successfully break through the clutter at the moment of truth.

structural design

Structural design brings brands to life in the third and fourth dimensions. S2s industrial designs are engineered to maximize aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, user experience, and sustainability.

brand stewardship

Working closely with clients as a brand steward, S2 maximizes efficiency by fostering collaboration of all stakeholders, increasing speed to market, and ensuring consistent delivery of the brand’s promise. 

brand management

To ensure a holistic and proprietary brand experience across categories and touchpoints, S2 empowers stakeholders with an array of robust and versatile brand management tools designed to unlock your brand’s full potential.

audits, research & analysis

S2audits, research, and analyses provide the information needed to make faster, more informed decisions, achieve long-term milestones, take advantage of short-term opportunities, and always stay proactive.

ideation & concept development

S2ideation and concept development services inspire clients to innovate and grow. We push brands into uncharted territory in a strategic way that stays true to the brand.

a good track record

that’s why some amazing companies put their trust in us to get the job done.